The Ballots are in the Mail!

By now many of you should have received your ballots in the mail. Below is a guide on how to make your vote count!

If you haven’t received a ballot in the mail, click here to let the Election Committee know.


The envelope you have will contain five things:

  1. An instruction form from the Election Committee
  2. An envelope marked “BALLOT/BULLETIN DE VOTE”
  3. A stamped return envelope addressed to National Council 4000, Greenfield Park, Québec
  4. A blue ballot for the position of Secretary Treasurer, Council 4000
  5. A pink ballot for the position of Regional Representative, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Regions.


Clearly mark each ballot in the box next to your chosen candidate.

Place your ballots into the “BALLOT/BULLETIN DE VOTE” envelope and seal it.


Place the “BALLOT/BULLETIN DE VOTE” envelope inside the larger envelope addressed to Council 4000, and then seal the larger envelope.


Mark your name and return address in the top left corner of the larger envelope.


Send the larger envelope via Canada Post, to arrive in Greenfield Park no later than May 1.


Thank you for voting and making our Union stronger!

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